Myriam Powell

Myriam Powell

Lucy, The Halloween Devil

Saturday, July 25, 2015

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Kit Fee: $35.00, Intermediate, Project workshop, maximum class size of 10 students


The purpose of this class is to learn how to make a mixed media sitting art doll with articulated arms and legs. Myriam will teach students basic sculpting, painting, stitching, machine and hand sewing techniques. This class project is a Cloth Devil Halloween doll named Lucy.  The doll’s head will be sculpted with creative paperclay over Styrofoam. The doll’s body will be made out of fabric with wooden spindles for arms and legs. This class will require one day in order to finish the doll.

The day of the class the students will first focus on machine sewing the doll’s body and putting it together. Because the class is limited to a single day, the teacher must provide an already sculpted and cured devil head which students will sand and paint. Then at the end of class the students will circle back and learn how to sculpt the head and horns. Myriam will also demonstrate a cat’s head, so the students will have a choice of sculpting a devil or cat head to use in their next project.

Myriam will provide class project handouts and patterns for the doll’s body.


Supply List:
    • Sculpting clay tools
    • Painting brushes
    • Scissors
    • Sewing machine
    • Chalk pencil or transfer pen
    • 4 oz. Creative Paperclay
    • 2” Styrofoam balls (1), Make It Fun brand
    • Polyfill for stuffing the doll’s body
    • 3/8” small wooden balls (2) for eyes
    • Toothpicks (2)
    • Small black buttons (7)
    • DMC burnt orange, white, and black thread
    • Wooden spindles ½” x 1 ½” (2)
    • Wooden spindles ¾”x 2 1/16” (2)
    • Black, burnt orange, white acrylic paints, preferably Americana brand (teacher will bring hers for general use)
    • Satin or matte varnish, DuraClear brand, small bottle (teacher will bring hers for general use)
    • Black and white stripped fabric
    • Burnt orange fabric
    • Fine grit sand paper
    • Glue gun (teacher will bring hers for general use)