July 25-28, 2013 - Wyndham Garden Hotel, Austin, Tx

Large Steampunk Soul 2-day class with Michele Lynch

Skill Level: All Levels, Media: Clay

Class Minimum: 7, Class Maximum: 18 students

Large Steampunk Soul

Create your very own Steampunk Doll from start to finish!  Steampunk is a term used to describe a style that is Victorian fantasy.  Think Victorian gadgets powered by steam, gears and wheels. 

Large Steampunk Soul

Michele will show you how to work with apoxy sculpt, an air-drying clay, to make this 19" tall figure.  While sculpting, you will embed a variety of objects that you bring with you.  Prepare to hunt for keys, watch parts, drawer pulls, wrenches - hint: your hubbie's tool box makes a great source for the type of items you will want to use, as will the local DIY store!

Large Steampunk Soul

In this class, you will construct a doll that is uniquely your own!  No two will be alike.  Michele will work with you to bring your vision to life!  After embedding your objects, you will learn to paint your figure so that it comes to life.  You can create jointed and posable arms and legs if you like.  Applied costuming will be covered in class as well as all the ways you can fashionably dress your doll.

Small Steampunk Doll 1-day class with Michele Lynch

Skill Level: All Levels, Media: Clay

Class Minimum: 7, Class Maximum: 18

Small Steampunk Doll

In this class, you will create your own Steampunk doll.  You will sculpt an 11' doll out of apoxy sculpt, an air-dry clay, embedding a variety of found objects such as broken jewelry, gears, watch parts, etc. 

Small Steampunk Doll

You will learn to create an armature out of Styrofoam and wire, sculpt the face, arms, body, hands and feet and embed various objects in the clay. 

Small Steampunk Doll

Michele will teach you how to various painting techniques such as layering, dry-brush, and how to paint realistic eyes.

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